Act of Aggression

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Act Of Aggression Brings The Comp Stomp To You
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Act Of Aggression Brings The Comp Stomp To You

Nothing says aggression like naming your organization "Chimera".

These days, "classic" real time strategy games are few and far between.  Many of the genre's latest entries offer some sort of subversion on the typical tropes, which is more than welcome, but makes me long for the days of massive troop formations and invincible laser convertibles.  I suppose you could make the argument that Act of Aggression is subverting recent subversions to recreate those definitive RTS mechanics, but then you'd be distracting from the game's sick laser tanks.

And let's be honest, who would want to do that?

Unsurprisingly, Act of Aggression comes to us from veteran RTS developer Eugen Systems, whose previous releases include the RUSE, Act of War, and, more recently, the Wargame series.  Players can control one of three factions: the US Army, the Cartel, and the Chimera, each with their own unique units and abilities.  The three are, naturally, at war with one another, and for whatever reason must settle their differences by building sweet military bases and then immediately wrecking them.  Scrap dealers in these universes must make a fortune.

While it doesn't offer a co-op campaign, Act of Aggression will allow you and three friends to beat up on some poor, unfeeling AI while the four of you chortle and swig brandy.  If you're already sold on the game's premise and want to dive in right now, pre-ordering AoA will grant you immediate access into the Skirmish beta.

Perhaps you have other things to distract you, though, or maybe you're content to simply daydream about Tim Curry's facial expressions in Red Alert 3.  If that's the case, the game is out in full on September 2nd, so you and your pals can commence the robo-bashing then.