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Depending on who you ask, Enoch Starnes began his hobby in gaming with either Tiger Electronics' Madden Football 95 or Link's Awakening for the Game Boy Pocket. It was soon after this that the tendrils of co-op gaming sank deep into him via extensive sessions of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES. Since then, he has spent countless hours in co-op gaming with friends both online and local. Be it the Tales series, Civilization, FIFA, or Gauntlet, he has searched constantly for games that allow he and his friends to goof off, work together, and tell each other really dumb jokes. He's immensely proud to be able to channel this passion on Co-Optimus and hopes that his love for the genre will extend to you too.

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I guess you could say we're quite... Taken... with it.

Our Weekend In Gaming: ...It's Destiny 2

Change is inevitable, but if the Co-Opticrew can cling to a game for as long as humanly possible, then by gosh, they're going to.  As such, Destiny 2 remains a prominent feature in our weekend plans.  I know the game's in a good place, and this latest expansion has reworked its systems in some very smart ways, but geez y'all, at least pretend to like other things.

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They're back, and they want the respect they deserve.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Revenge Of The Sequels

The Co-Opticrew just can't escape its collective obsession with increasing numbers.  Whether it's the fifth, fourth, or second entry in a series, we are always 100% on board.  Maybe that explains Eric's obsession with Speed 2: Cruise Control, or why Jason has worn the same Batman & Robin promotional t-shirt for the last 20 years.  Seriously, though, Jason... that thing is ripe.

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Return to the world of heroism and skintight masks

Guacamelee! 2 Has Some New Characters, New Platform Releases

Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to one of our favorite titles of 2013, has been available since August of this year and allows players to power-bomb all new enemies in all new environments. One of the main ways the game spices up its four player local co-op is through the use of different "skins", which each player can select and use to alter their playstyle.

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