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It's Good to Be Gold... On Xbox Live, That Is
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It's Good to Be Gold... On Xbox Live, That Is

So, it's another news post about Gold, and to mix it up a bit, I decided to skip the Goldmember pic.  After all, who epitomizes the spirit of cooperation more than the Solid Gold Dancers?  Besides, the site needs more sequins.

On to the news, then.  Xbox Live is a great service, but it is, after all, the only "pay to play" service among the big three.  I'm glad to pay my $30 to get just over a year of excellent service, and it appears I'm not alone.  The Seattle Tech Report reveals that just over half of Xbox Live users were Gold members (doh, maybe I should have used that other pic).  This was before the NXE hit last fall, too, so those numbers have likely gone up. 

To sweeten the deal and get more folks to upgrade to Gold, Microsoft is now starting a "deal of the week" promotion.  The first of these deals is 33% off on notable title Braid (single player, more's the pity).  Additional discounts will be available to Gold users each week, including discounts off DLC for Ninja Gaiden 2 and PGR 4.  It's a nice benefit, and we're glad to see it.  Now let's see some discounts on co-op games, already!

Source: Gamerscoreblog.com