Warface Rolls Out Spooky New Cyber Horde Mode For Halloween
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Warface Rolls Out Spooky New Cyber Horde Mode For Halloween

Scream your Warface off

Everybody's got their favorite Halloween monstrosity. The undead (zombies, ghosts, mummies) are always popular, while the living, breathing beasts (your wolfmans, fish-persons, the Jersey Devil) have to spread what meager love they get between them. There is one particularly nasty abomination we don't hear a lot about, even in the new digital age: cyborg monstrosities. Warface is finally entrenching them as a Halloween staple with their new co-op mode, "Cyber Horde."

Check out the trailer.

Nothing screams "trick or treat" like the torso and head of a mostly insane person trapped in a military-grade death machine.

You and four buddies find yourselves in the most terrifying Warface mission yet. Alone, at night, in a forest dotted with abandoned military compounds, you and your posse must guide a vehicle to the nefarious Blackwood laboratory. Your mission is to set explosives to detonate in the heart of the facility and neutralize enemy contact. Of course, Blackwood wouldn't hurl any boring old human opponents your way.

The best news: your group can get their faces torn off by insane cyborgs right now. The free to play co-op shooter the features "Cyber Horde" today.