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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Wondershot Now Available on Xbox One and PC
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Wondershot Now Available on Xbox One and PC

Launches tomorrow on PlayStation 4

Local co-op arena brawler Wondershot arrived on Xbox One and PC last Friday, and is set to launch tomorrow, February 23, on PlayStation 4. The title supports up to four players locally and features a separate co-op mode where you and your teammates fight off waves of foes.

While the bulk of the game's action is centered around the competitive multiplayer, the co-op mode brings much of the same frantic action over. Players choose from one of four different weapons as they battle across an ever-shifting landscape. Here are just a few of the game's features:

  • Choose one of four weapons:
    • Arrow: Select from basic slow homing arrow or lightning-fast straight shot
    • Boomerang: Quick-firing weapon with special “hover” ability use for strategic sneakiness
    • Hammer: Powerful melee weapon with the special ability to fly through obstacles
    • Slingshot: Use the wall bounce ability to shoot big, slow, small or fast bullets
  • Unique Maps and Obstacles: Players must deal with shifting obstacles, mud that slows down movement, quick map portals, and much more
  • Challenge Mode: Learn the basic, master advanced tactics, and challenge each of the 45 challenge stages to get the top ranking

For PC players, the title is currently on sale on Steam for just $11.04 (15% off the usual price).