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Vermintide Joins the DLC Rat Pack
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Vermintide Joins the DLC Rat Pack

With added Eurovision

When you think of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, what do you immediately think of?  Eurovision of course; that peculiarly popular Europe based singing competition that has haunted the continent for decades.  Perhaps this would not be your first thought, but it was developer Fatshark's when determining what song to have playing on their new DLC video.

The extra content is out now and free for current owners of the game.  Entitled Last Stand, it appears to be a variation on the classic swarm mode: 

In the Last Stand game mode players fend off horde after horde of Skaven in intense and increasingly difficult battles. There is only one objective: stay alive for as long as possible. The more waves completed, the greater reward and glory. Last Stand is a free DLC that includes the map The Town, set in the Von Jungfreudsplatz in central Ubersreik.

If you are feeling a little flushed, you could pick up the paid DLC that is also out for $2.99 / €2.99 / £1.99.  Entitled Schluesselschloss, this includes an additional map.  The bonus comes in the fact that if one person owns the map, they can invite other non-owning players into their game.

Below is a trailer for Last Stand, but beware it does contain excessive amounts of Eurovision Pop - so you could choose to mute it:

Vermintide is the 2015 Co-Optimus Golden Fiddy award winner with its excellent 4 player online co-op.  Any additional content is very much welcome and worth checking out.