Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Co-Op Deals: The Division Discounts from Gold Edition to Standard
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Co-Op Deals: The Division Discounts from Gold Edition to Standard

Discount as much as 28% off if you buy the PC/Uplay digital copy

Tom Clancy's The Division is out this week (since Tuesday morning, in fact!), and if you're looking to pick up the game to play on its release week you're going to have to ask yourself, do I go Gold or Standard Edition?

If price is the only factor, Standard wins out with a $60 starting point vs. the $100 you have to fork out for the Gold Edition. That Gold Edition basically gets you the base game + Season Pass for the same price as if you buy both separately, and with the Season Pass content not out on day 1 the case is closed... right?

Not when we add discounts into the mix. A twenty dollar discount is now available for The Division Gold Edition, dropping the price from $100 to $80. The same 20% exists on the Standard, but you're saving only $12. It's like getting the Season Pass for $32 instead of buying separately for $40 (which currently isn't being sold separately at most digital retailers).

The Division Gold Edition Discounts

PC is the easiest discount to get. GMG's 20% off coupon is an excellent bargain, and open to all regions with a drop to $80. Similar situation at FunStock Digital with a drop to $82.48 - just use their drop down menu at the top to change your currency.

The Best Buy bargain for the Gold Edition carries a Caveat. You'll need to be a paid Gamers Club Unlocked member to get the 20% off. Membership is $30 for 2-years, but does lock you into 20% discounts on new games and pre-orders for that period of time which could add up to greater savings in the long run. Even if you elect Best Buy without the membership though, they are still tossing in a bonus $10 towards your My Best Buy rewards points (in addition to any points you would otherwise accumulate buying the game).

Standard Edition PC Deals

Standard Edition discounts are a looking pretty decent as well. In the case for PC you have GMG's 20% off coupon again and even a competitive offer from Games Planet around 28% off. Best Buy's 20% off discount with Gamers Club Unlocked is also a factor as is Amazon's 20% discount for Prime members (sorry Prime members, Amazon is sold out of the Gold Edition).

Is it worth biting the bullet now and buying the Gold Edition? If you're purely looking at the numbers there's a good case for a hardcore fan buying the Gold Edition and savings $8 on the Season Pass. If you want the game but are not sure you'll get invested enough to buy the Season Pass consider going with the Standard Edition now before paying $40 on a game you may not end up liking.