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Xbox Live Gold Membership Price Dropped Temporarily
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Xbox Live Gold Membership Price Dropped Temporarily

We've seen a slew of deals lately for Xbox Live Gold membership cards for around $30, all the while the official price from Microsoft has remained $60.   Now all that has changed, at least temporarily, as Silver Members upgrading to Gold via the dashboard can pay the low price of $4 a month - or $48 a year.  

The official line from Microsoft?

"We are currently running a promotion in-dash that gives Silver members a special opportunity to upgrade to the full benefits of Gold membership at a reduced price for a limited time," said a rep. "While there are occasional price promotions offered for our service, we're confident our 12-month Gold members realize the tremendous entertainment value provided for just over $4 per month."

Having a gold membership is the only way you can play any of the online co-op titles the Xbox 360 has to offer - so if you are still silvering it, well get to it!  

Source: Kotaku.com