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Co-Op Deals: 55% Off Battleborn Deluxe, 30% Off Battlefront Season Pass
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Co-Op Deals: 55% Off Battleborn Deluxe, 30% Off Battlefront Season Pass

Gearbox slash price while Origin runs store wide coupon

With Blizzard's Overwatch out this week it means 2K Games is hitting the panic button. They just put an offer on the table any cheap gamer could be tempted by, $20 off Battleborn for all platforms, dropping the price from $59.99 to only $39.99. Solid deal, but on PC it's even better at the PC gaming retailer GMG, who has the game cut to $35.99 instantly plus a stacking coupon code to $26.99 - a massive 55% off less than a month out from release. The same percentage discount applies to the the Deluxe Edition, which drops from $75 to only $33.74 ($41.25 mark down).

With the PC community only doing so/so on Star Wars: Battlefront, should it be a surprise the first discount ever on the Season Pass has made it first to PC? This week Origin launched a 30% off coupon code that works site-wide (excludes pre-orders). That code works on Star Wars: Battlefront's Season Pass dropping the price from $49.99 to $34.99.

On the hardware side of deals Best Buy wants you to buy an Xbox today. In a 24 hour sale, Best Buy is gifting you a $75 Gift Card and a free game of your choice when you buy one of eight bundles through them. The free game can be any Xbox One title $59.99 and under (no pre-orders) and includes this week's big release Overwatch.

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