• Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Combat RPG Absolver Headed to PC/Consoles in 2017
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Combat RPG Absolver Headed to PC/Consoles in 2017

3rd-person fighters meet RPGs and loot hunting

There's been a lot of different genres intermixed with one another over the past few years. Developer Sloclap is taking that mixing to a new level, it seems, with their first big title, Absolver. Described as an "online combat RPG," the game appears to be a blend between fighting games and dungeon crawlers in a manner that is reminiscent, to me, of Konami's Hybrid Heaven.

From what little has been shown of the game thus far, there's a really nice looking art style and fluidity of motion. Ideally that same fluidity will translate well when playing online with friends where you could, say, take on a group of foes and do some co-op combos to bring them down. Details about the title are sparse for now outside a few marketing bullets, but there is certainly some strong ideas here.

  • Fluid Real-Time Combat: Position yourself in one of four tactical stances during real-time battles and execute devastating attacks, dodges, and parries. Movement becomes your weapon as you engage in solo duels or intense three-on-three melees battles
  • Customizable Style and Flow: Players will define their character’s playstyle by picking a combat style, a weapon of choice, and arranging attacks in their Combat Deck to design their unique and personal attack flow
  • Online Multiplayer Action and Narrative: Prospects and Absolvers will seamlessly encounter others in the world, generating unique stories that emerge through player interaction and choices. These moments are filled with tension as intentions to battle, trade, or befriend are never clear: trust is always a leap of faith. Encounters will have lasting consequences and transform into meaningful relationships as you make friends or enemies and find mentors or disciples
  • PvP and PvE: Explore a rich and dynamic world including dedicated PvP battle arenas where champions will receive spoils of victory and progress in the ranks of the Absolvers, and PvE dungeons in which players cooperatively battle to retrieve rare loot and equipment from the depth of the Adal mines.

Absolver will be released on PC and consoles in 2017. It supports co-op in some capacity, though the exact details of that are not clear for now. Based on the video, we're assuming it will be three player online co-op. When more info gets released, we'll update our database with the appropriate details.