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Total War: WARHAMMER Giveaway!
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Total War: WARHAMMER Giveaway!

Waaaaaaaaaaaagh and Want One!

Hopefully you've taken the time to read our Co-Op Review of Total War: WARHAMMER on PC. Needless to say, it's one of the best in the Total War series in a long time, and for fans of the Warhammer universe, its surely not to be missed. Lucky for you - we have your chance today to get in on all the action courtesy of a giveaway. 

Thanks to the fine folks at SEGA and Creative Assembly, we're giving away 5 Copies of Total War: WARHAMMER with 5 codes for the Chaos Warriors DLC.

To enter to win, simply click the button below and validate you are a human - or Ork, we don't mind. The contest ends on July 16th at 12 Noon Eastern. Anyone can enter - but you'll need a Steam account to redeem the codes. 




Good luck!

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