Rocket League

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Co-Op Summer Deals: The Division and Rocket League Up to 42% Off
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Co-Op Summer Deals: The Division and Rocket League Up to 42% Off

Flash sale deals end Sunday morning at 11AM Eastern!

With Steam's 2016 Summer Sale long over with, did you think your out of opportunities to get cheap PC games this season? No. In fact, this weekend many Co-op titles in GMG's PC gaming Summer Sale are getting discounts better than Steams sale from a few weeks ago.

In the sale there's a fairly big 36% price drop on the AAA 2016 release Tom Clancy's The Division, reducing her to only $38.29. During the Steam Summer Sale the price was only at $44.99, now even cheaper. This price even beats the currently running discount to $40.19 at Uplay.

There are plenty of other Co-op titles on sale this weekend. Also hitting new low is Street Fighter V with a drop to $34.29 and WWE 2K16 priced at only $12.79 - a full $37.20 cheaper than Steam's current $49.99 price. Popular title Rocket League is also on sale for only $12 for its Steam copy, while the game has been slightly lower price before - anytime you can pick up this online craze for less than $15, you're netting a good deal.

Unlike Summer Sales GMG has hosted in the past, this one has no coupon codes. Instead you'll need to login or create a new account to see the best discounts. As of right now there are Public discounts and Member prices. Login to see the better Member Prices (you'll need to make an account anyway to checkout, so why not).

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Note: These deals are valid only for a limited time. The official expiration is on Sunday, July 24 at 9AM Pacific. That isn't a ton of time to grab these games at these prices, but late next week it's likely GMG will start an encore portion of their PC gaming Summer Sale and bring back some of these titles. So check back then if you miss out on these offers..