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Blizzard Listens to Community Input for New Diablo 2 Patch
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Blizzard Listens to Community Input for New Diablo 2 Patch

Blizzard has always been great about patching games, even far after any other developer would have abandoned them.  Even given the fact that Diablo III is just over the horizon, they are getting ready to patch the venerable predecessor, Diablo II.  And this time, they are taking input from the community.

If you were to get an advance look at the patch notes for Diablo II 1.13, what is the one patch note you would want to see?

I asked my fellow Co-Optimus staffers for their input.  Here's our ideas to make Diablo II even better than it already is.

Nick: "Please just go ahead and patch Diablo 3 into Diablo 2."

Marc: "can I has moar rainboz pls?"

Jim: "I'm all for a Care Bears total conversion mod."

Katrina: "I don't think I've thought about Diablo 2 recently enough to crave a patch..."

Mike: "I want a shared stash, and the ability to respec.  Fortunately, those things have been posted a million times over there already."

Jason: "Care bears? Rainbows? No... what Diablo 2 really needs is a new final boss... I'm thinking that when you kill Mephisto, a certain gentleman comes running in... his war cry is known far and wide... he strikes fear into all... the death of Mephisto is the harbinger of..."

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Source: Forums.battle.net

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