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Co-Op Classics Community Edition: Diablo 2
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Co-Op Classics Community Edition: Diablo 2

This week, we'll mix up the Co-Op Classics formula just a bit.  It has certainly been a huge news week, particularly today with the announcement of another class, the Wizard, in Diablo III.  Much as the original announcement of the game did this past summer, this got me to thinking about the original Diablo games.  Obviously, co-op was a huge factor in the success of these games.  So which class combinations are the most effective?  I'll give you my take on a combo from Diablo 2, and we'd love to hear from the Co-Optimus community as well.  Which class combinations do you feel are the best?

When I reinstalled and played through Diablo 2 again with some friends, I chose my favorite class: the Sorceress.  Ever since the first Diablo, the spell slingers have been my class of choice.  At the time Diablo 2 came out, I was in the thick of my EverQuest playing days.  As a bard in EverQuest, I knew the importance of crowd control, and the sorceress looked to be the best class for this.  Freezing enemies to slow them down, or even stop them in their tracks, would be invaluable in any co-op Diablo 2 party.  So, it was no surprise when, when my friends all got together to play it for the first time, I picked the ice cold hottie.

At different points, I played several builds of the sorceress, but I never really got over my love for the Cold talent tree.  The effectiveness of skills like Glacial Spike against hordes of enemies was just too much for me to pass up.  However, the Sorceress has a real glass jaw, and thus, a good partner or two is sorely needed, or you'll be running to town way too often.



So who is the best partner for a Sorceress?  In my opinion, it's hands down the Paladin.  The Paladin is a defensive powerhouse, which compliments the fragility of the Sorceress quite nicely.  A Paladin can stand there like a tank and take the hits, while the Sorceress rains freezing death (or fiery, or electric, if you like) from above.  The mana boosting skills of the Paladin, Meditation and Redemption, are fantastic at refilling the Sorceress' often empty mana globe.  It's the time honored combo: melee and magic, and if it worked for Caramon and Raistlin, it'll work for you.

Now, I'm by no means an expert, but in my opinion, there is no better combination of classes in Diablo 2.  However, maybe YOU are an expert, and I'd love to hear your opinion.  perhaps the Barbarian and the Amazon are the uber combo?  Maybe you favor the expansion-only combo of the Assassin and the Druid?  Let us know your own favorite combination by posting your reply!