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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Fire Emblem Warriors DLC
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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Fire Emblem Warriors DLC

Donnel, will you be my valentine?

While most folks think of hearts, cards, and chalky candy when they think of February 14, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo think of DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors. The second bit of content drops today for the Dynasty Warriors take on the traditionally RTS series and adds some new weapons, costumes, and skills for a variety of characters, as well as new maps for the game's History Mode.

Much of this content draws inspiration from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon title that was released on the Nintendo DS, which was a remake of the very first Fire Emblem game. Here's everything that's included in the DLC:

  • New Skills: Lone Wolf, Quick Wit and Minerva’s Iote’s Shield, which cancels any enemy effectiveness
  • New History Maps: Princess Minerva Map, Knorda Market Map and the Brush in Teeth Map
  • New Support Conversations
  • New Costumes: Lyn’s Swordmaster costume, as well as costumes for Marth, Caeda and Tiki
  • New Armor Break Models
  • New Weapons / Weapon Attributes: New weapons include Caeda’s Wing Spear, Linde’s Aura, Navarre’s Wo Dao, Minerva’s Hauteclere, Tiki’s Divinestone and Anna’s Bow. New weapon attributes include the ability to swap attack and defense, as well as inflicting additional damage against characters with the same or opposite gender

The game does support two player local co-op in the Story Mode and History Mode, so hey, technically speaking, it is a game you could play with a significant other today. I mean, what's more romantic than hacking and slashing your way through 1000s of faceless soldiers with your favorite Fire Emblem characters?

Fire Emblem Warriors is available on the Nintendo Switch for $60. The second DLC pack is available for $8.99 if purchased individually. It's also included in the Season Pass, which is available for $19.99