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Bleed 2 Has A Release Date And Trailer For The Switch
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Bleed 2 Has A Release Date And Trailer For The Switch

Bullets, pink hair, and bullets.

If you have some darn quick reaction times and just love it when bullets whiz by inches from your face, then boy howdy, do I have some good news for you.  Bleed 2, the slick action platformer game that originally released on PC back in 2017, has a release date and trailer for the Nintendo Switch. 

Come March 8th, you and a friend can blaze (or stumble) your way through the game's campaign in the living room, on the bus, or even on one of those fancy space rockets that everyone seems to be shooting off these days.  Check out the trailer below for a taste of just what you'll be in for.

Having a friend along for the ride will certainly be helpful, but I can already tell my co-op partner and I are bound to lose track of our respective characters.  In a game with such tight margins, I have to believe that'll result in an embarrassing number of deaths.

The Switch is building out a pretty solid library thus far, and while most of the games are ported from prior releases, I'm really loving the opportunity to play them wherever I want.  Here's hoping for more great co-op on the go!