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Indiana Jones and the Very Average Screenshots
Screens by 3

Indiana Jones and the Very Average Screenshots

"Being a Wii owner and an Indiana Jones fan, I am buying Staff of Kings. But I'm not proud of it."

This is what I said to Twitter followers last week, and I meant it. I will probably buy Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, despite all misgivings. The game doesn't look bad per se...it just doesn't look as good as an Indiana Jones action game could should be.

WiiNintendo.net has a batch of screenshots -- some we've seen already, and some we haven't (such as the above). They still look mediocre, although I do like the atmosphere that LucasArts is trying to create.

In the meantime, I've gotten my Indy fix by visiting the screening room on board our cruise ship and by dabbling with Lego Indiana Jones. Coincidentally, Lego Indy has just had a price drop at Amazon.com and select retail stores for all platforms. Check it out!

Source: Wiinintendo.net