Farming Simulator 19

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Farming Simulator 19 Now Has A Platinum Edition
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Farming Simulator 19 Now Has A Platinum Edition

Now this is farming.

Hold on to your tractors, folks, cause Farming Simulator 19 has a brand new upgrade available.  This new version of the game, titled "Platinum Edition", offers a premium experience for the discerning farmer.  No longer must players wade through the mediocrity of a standard farming experience, as the "Platinum Edition" is simply the cream of the virtual crop.

This new edition offers, among other things, the CLAAS brand of farming vehicles and equipment.  You'll simply be the envy of the community as you traipse around the farm in your JAGUAR 960 TT or XERION 5000 (are we sure this isn't a space combat simulator?).  Check out the launch trailer below to see these hot farming behemoths in action.

Current owners of Farming Simulator 19 may purchase "Platinum Edition" as an expansion for $19.99, but anyone brand new to the farming experience may purchase the full combined package for $49.99.  If that's not an enticing offer for curious farmers, I don't know what is.

Farming Simulator 19 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.  It features online co-op for up to eight players.