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Soldiers Get Their Wish - Co-Op in Fallujah, No Word on the Puppies
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Soldiers Get Their Wish - Co-Op in Fallujah, No Word on the Puppies

Earlier this week we reported on the controversial game from Konami called Six Days in Fallujah.  The title set to take place during the ongoing Iraqi war was immediately put under fire, and we told you how some soldiers think groups are blowing it a bit out of proportion.  One soldier in particular hoped the game would contain a co-op mode, and today Konami has confirmed those wishes with the official game announcement.

Fallujah will be an "authentic 3rd person military shooter" on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC when it's released early next year, that's 2010 for the math majors.  The game looks to break new ground with a unique engine that allows players to "shape the battlefield" by kicking down doors, blowing up walls, and eliminating enemy cover.  

Konami has confirmed the game will feature an online co-op mode, though it's unclear at this point if the mode will be drop-in/drop-out as well as feature the same story as the single player campaign.   It's also unclear how many players will be supported.  

For now we'll leave you with a handful of screenshots of the game in action, but stay tuned as we hope to bring you more details on the co-op soon.  We'll also try to find out about those puppies...awwww puppies!