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REZ PLZ Co-Op Stream Recap and Impressions
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REZ PLZ Co-Op Stream Recap and Impressions

I meant to die.

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of platformers, but every once in a while one comes around that mixes up the traditional experience enough to hold my interest. REZ PLZ from Long Neck Games fit this bill by mixing up old school platforming mechanics with co-op and levels designed around...corpses. 

Yes the goal of REZ PLZ is to traverse the terrain by any means necessary, even if that means one of the two players must hurdle themselves into a pool of lava so the other may jump on their head. Wall of spikes block your path? Throw yourself at it so your partner can wall jump off you. It's these puzzle like situations that slowly built up over the course of our 45 minute play session that were both laugh out loud entertaining and thought provoking.

It also kind of made you say - "Boy,  that's f#!@ed up."

The dichotomy of the cute and colorful art style with what was actually happening to the players also added to the entertainment value. Cute little sugar glider avatar? Check. Lighting yourself on fire to open a door? Also check. 

We had some audio and network issues last night with our stream, but we do have 15 minutes of gameplay that should give you a good taste of what REZ PLZ has to offer co-op players. We definitely recommend you check this one out with your couch co-op gaming buddy.


REZ PLZ Is out now on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 and features two player couch co-op.