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The HxD One 2 Mini features HyperX Red (Linear) switches, which are similar to Cherry MX Reds. I’ve written at length before about the differences in actuation point, travel difference, and rated keypresses before loss of quality in my Alloy Origins reviews, but suffice to say I prefer HyperX switches to Cherrys, and this is a great opportunity to get HyperX switches in a Ducky-style keyboard. It also features a two-step keyboard stand system, which gives three possible tilt angles

The manual is equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing, with pops of color (mostly blue and pink). Two languages are included: Traditional Chinese and English. Since the keyboard has no software interface, all settings changes are done manually (thus the extensive manual). This includes setting up the RGB backlit modes (10 modes with adjustable speeds and brightness - 5 of which have further customizability with colors - plus a backlit off mode), RGB LED zone customization (for WASD and IJKL zones of the keyboard), DIP switch functions, and macro setup. It’s a little overwhelming a first, but everything is clearly laid out in the manual and it’s astounding the amount of customization that’s packed in here through key combinations. You can even play a simplified Minesweeper game (Fn Alt ,) or a gambling/random area selection game (Fn Alt N / M) on the keyboard.

A game of minesweeper

The comprehensive package of the HxD One 2 Mini feels polished and slick. There’s just something very satisfying about being able to do all your keymappings and lighting changes via a physical interface as opposed to software. I’m not generally the type of person to go all-out in terms of keyboard customizability, but everything about the HxD One 2 Mini says “this is YOUR keyboard, so make it feel unique to you” and that invitation is impossible to resist.

There are definitely some people this keyboard won’t suit. The most obvious groups of folks are the ones who hate the idea of not having a software interface for customization and the ones who feel a 60% keyboard is too cramped. I also wonder if a fair number of MMO players would disprefer a smaller keyboard, since that means less keys available for hotkey mappings.There’s nothing about the HxD One 2 Mini that will address these valid concerns, so I need to be up front about that.

Icon keycaps that come in the box

Those concerns aside, though, I think the HxD One 2 Mini is a triumph of a keyboard, artfully combining functionality, aesthetic, and whimsy. The price ($109.99)) is very fair for everything here, and is a rare chance to get a Ducky keyboard with HyperX switches (which again, I can’t recommend enough).

The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini gaming keyboard (all-black colorway) was announced earlier today. It will be available for sale via HyperX’s online shop starting on November 18th, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST. This is a limited-edition keyboard, with only a total of 6,500 units to be made available worldwide.