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Amazon XBLA Deals - FLOCK! and Free Points!
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Amazon XBLA Deals - FLOCK! and Free Points!

FLOCK! may only be a week or two old, but the two player local co-op game most likely had a hard time selling at its $15 price point . That's where Amazon comes in!  Thanks to their brand new Xbox Live Arcade store you can snag FLOCK! for a $5 off it's normal price.

Keep an eye on the site as we'll have a co-op review of this sheepingly interesting title sometime next week!

Another promotion Amazon is running - purchase a 1600 MS Point code from Amazon or a 4000 MS Point code from Amazon and you'll get $5 or $10 credit respectively towards another code purchase from the site.  So you could pick up 4000 points and get FLOCK! for free!  Score!  Notice all the !?  Ok then....

Source: Amazon.com