• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Co-Op Shooter Redfall Coming Exclusively to Xbox and PC from Bethesda and Arkane
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Co-Op Shooter Redfall Coming Exclusively to Xbox and PC from Bethesda and Arkane

We'll be teaming up to shoot vampires in 2022

First announced during the Microsoft and Bethesda Games ShowcaseRedfall is an open-world co-op shooter from Arkane Austin, the developer of the Dishonored franchise. The premise of the game involves four heroes battling against an army of powerful vampires and cultists in an isolated island town.

While vampires are the chief antagonists of Redfall, these aren't just any vampires. Thanks to scientific experiments gone awry, they're gifted with mutations like extra limbs and abilities like psychokinesis! The vampire legions have also blocked out the sun and pushed the tides back in the town of Redfall, totally isolating it from the rest of the world. Despite the sun-blocking-out thing, human cultists will still be serving the vamps in the daytime. How there's still a daytime without the sun is anybody's guess.

Players will choose from four distinct heroes with unique powers and then discover customizable weaponry for them on the island. The game promises not only an engaging overall narrative but individual stories about the protagonists as well.

The Redfall heroes include:

  • Layla Ellison – She may be the youngest member of the team, but there isn’t much she can’t handle with her wits and wildly powerful telekinetic abilities.
  • Jacob Boyer – Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter with a penchant for dark clothing and a mysterious vampiric eye. If you need to find him on the field, look for his spectral raven circling overhead. Jacob won’t be far away.
  • Remi de la Rosa – Always spotted with her robotic compatriot, Bribón, Remi lives on the frontlines of conflict, using her brilliant mind and strong sense of empathy to protect her loved ones and help those in need around the world.
  • Devinder Crousley – Inventor and internet-famous paranormal investigator, Devinder is ready to prove to the world that vampires are real – but he’s going to need to survive them first.

Microsoft and Bethesda haven’t revealed any actual gameplay for Redfall, but the cinematic trailer certainly looks promising. The game will feature 4-player online co-op, and that's always good. Redfall will be an Xbox Series S and X and PC exclusive when it arrives in Summer 2022.