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'Have a Blast' Will Bring Co-op and PvP Blasts to Switch and Steam in August
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'Have a Blast' Will Bring Co-op and PvP Blasts to Switch and Steam in August

One blast guaranteed - additional blasts are up to you.

The goal when playing video games is nearly always to have a blast. That goal is usually implied, but there's nothing wrong with making it explicit. That's exactly what Have a Blast, an upcoming arena-based party shooter, dares to do. It promises at least one blast to both Switch and Steam players when it launches on August 26.

Have a Blast is a colorful arena-based shooter that somewhat resembles an advanced version of Asteroids. Hey, the founder of this site made a game kind of like that! Anyway, this one features five playable ships that each have a unique ability and fifteen different arenas in which to blast bad guys or each other. Bots can be enabled in multiple modes.

Game modes:

  • Deathmatch – Last pilot standing wins the round in this familiar mode. Be the first to win five rounds and you win the match.
  • Team match – Any combination of players is possible in a team vs team play. Great opportunity to reinforce some friendships and ruin others.
  • Mothership – Keep your mothership safe and it will provide you with health, ammo and some refuge. Lose your mothership and you’ll be toast very soon.
  • Challenges - Try every ship and every environment by completing specific challenges against the computer.

Matches top out at four ships. Thus, local co-op is limited to 2 human players versus 2 AI enemies. The Steam version can also play online via Remote Play Together. 

Have a Blast will arrive on Switch and Steam on August 26. Preorder the Switch version for a 20% launch discount on the regular $17.99 price. Are you ready to have a blast or two, gamers?