• Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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Timemelters Co-Op Stream Recap
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Timemelters Co-Op Stream Recap

Unexpectedly awesome

I love pleasant surprises. Such as it was with Timemelters, a two player co-op tower defense like game for PC in which players are tasked with stopping hordes of evil creatures. But unlike most tower defense style games, it's played from an on the ground perspective and your towers are different defensive spells in order to manage the baddies.

Honestly our description of the game doesn't do it justice. Because the real mechanics of the game come into play as you insert the time element. Not only does your defensive strategies have to exist in the here and now, but you can rewind time and have your ghost execute another set of strategies too. 

Give our recap a watch below, it's a short 20 minute romp, but you can really get a feel for where this game is going. The demo version felt fairly polished so we're excited to see where the full game goes "soon."