Funko Fusion

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Funko Fusion Will Feature Funko Pops and Online Co-op
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Funko Fusion Will Feature Funko Pops and Online Co-op

Play as the popular collectibles in their first big video game adventure.

Half the appeal of Funko Pop toys is the wide range of licenses that get made into figures. You can get Sonic, TMNT, Ghostbusters, and all kinds of Pops. After many years, some of that fun is finally coming to video games in the form of Funko Fusion for consoles and PC. It's due out in September from 10:10 Games and Skybound Games.

Funko Fusion features:

Select, unlock, and play with 60 plus unique playable characters from more than 20 fan-favorite franchises, all lovingly recreated in Funko Pop! form.

Each character has their own weapons and special moves, and some characters have unique skills for solving puzzles and finding secrets.

Explore your favorite franchises in video game form, relive memorable moments, and play through a unique story that ties them all together!

Shoot, blast, and whack enemies in ranged and melee combat. Craft gadgets and items to give yourself an advantage or to unlock hidden areas.

The official description is heavy in marketing speak, but the game does look promising. Playing as a variety of Funko Pops in a third-person shooter should be fun, especially with online co-op for up to four players.

Funko Fusion will launch on September 13 on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Steam, and Epic.