Uncharted 2 Could Have Co-Op
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Uncharted 2 Could Have Co-Op

As is the case with a lot we read on the internet, it's tough to separate fact from fiction.  So before we get started, firmly file this one in the rumor category. 

It all started earlier this week when Sony and some of its developers held an event showing off some upcoming titles, including Uncharted 2: Among Thieves from Naughty Dog.  A few days later Screw Attack claimed to have a source break an embargo, announcing that Uncharted 2 would have a multiplayer and co-op mode, though the co-op would be a different "campaign." 

So while the idea of multiplayer or co-op in one of the greatest single player games to hit the PlayStation 3 is not out of the question, it looked doubtful.  Rumors cropped up months back when the above screenshot was released for the game, but Sony and Naughty Dog quickly squashed the rumor. 

But new evidence has just come to light from Kotaku in the form of a promotional flyer.    You see, Sony promised an "electrifying announcement" concerning inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 on Monday April 27th.  It appears this leaked flyer from BestBuy states that pre-ordering inFamous gets you into the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta. 

Image courtesy of Kotaku

So if the rumors about multiplayer were true, chances are the rumors about co-op have some credence.  We'll be watching this one closely for sure.  The first Uncharted was an incredibly amazing game, one that should not be missed by anyone.

Source: Kotaku.com