Uncharted 2 Demo Goes Live Today, Nathan stops Tweeting
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Uncharted 2 Demo Goes Live Today, Nathan stops Tweeting

If you read our impressions of the Uncharted 2 beta a few weeks back, and were a bit jealous to get your hands on the Gold Rush co-op mode, I have good news.  Today is the day that everyone else, those that didn't preorder from Gamestop, gets to have access to the same demo.  

The demo goes live at 2PM EDT and contains two co-op modes and a handful of versus modes across four maps.  The full game is set to release on October 13th exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

In other news, if anyone follows a few game journalists on Twitter you may have noticed tweets regarding level progress from Uncharted 2, as review copies are starting to go out.  Most of the followers were not only jealous, because someone was playing a game before them, but they were annoyed.  The updates became frequent and spam like.  

For now Naughty Dog has patched the game to remove that functionality on chapter completions.  

I do like the idea that games can link to your Twitter account if you wish and tweet certain information.  For me personally, I'd like it to just say - "bapenguin has just started playing Uncharted 2, join in for some co-op action."  Think of it like social match making.  Which makes me wonder, what functionality will the Xbox 360 dashboard's Twitter app have.  It could make my dream a reality, or it could become our worst nightmare as every achievement is tweeted.  The Twitterverse may get a lot more noisy in the near future.