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Rogue Warrior Drops Co-Op, Adds Rourke
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Rogue Warrior Drops Co-Op, Adds Rourke

Another one bites the dust.  Bethesda unleashed details today of the upcoming title Rogue Warrior, a title that was supposed to have a seamless four player co-op mode.  Unfortunately it appears that mode has been scrapped in favor of a tighter single player experience which follows the story of real life Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko.

Despite the drop of co-op, Bethesda has managed to secure Golden Globe winning Mickey Rourke to voice the main character of the game.  But why didn't they get the real Demo Dick to do the voice?

"You find in life people who are the real thing can't necessarily voice act," said Bethesda's Pete Hines. "If you asked someone to go into a jungle and kill a bunch of people you'd pick Dick. If you want a guy to portray a guy who goes into a jungle and kills a bunch of people, turns out you pick Rourke."

Yup, sounds good to me.  Despite the drop in co-op I'll be checking this one out.  

Source: Kotaku.com