Uncharted 2 Three Player Online Co-Op Confirmed
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Uncharted 2 Three Player Online Co-Op Confirmed

Playstation 3 owners should be pleased to hear today that beloved franchise (and rightly so) Uncharted will sport a three player online co-op mission with the upcoming release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!

Joystiq and Shacknews both  have impressive rundowns of the gameplay, which we've disected and posted after the "Read More" link. Gaming news outlest have no doubt been chomping at the bit, so we encourage you to check the sources in full. In the meantime, check out our favorite excerpts, and keep a drool bucket handy!



Joystiq (Randy Nelson):


Three-player co-op? Yeah, we were surprised, too. Having tried it with two other honest-to-goodness live humans, we can report that it not only works, but -- so far -- works very well. The combination of smart A.I. opponents, platforming elements and teamwork-based objectives seems a perfect fit for Uncharted 2.


It turned out that Uncharted 2's co-op has a little bit in common with Left 4 Dead. In this case, we realized that if we stayed in one place for too long the game would send another wave of enemies our way. It really forced us to make every moment of silence count and definitely upped the intensity.


We remember another game that threw waves of enemies at us, and it wasn't quite as amusing. Hopefully -- no, likely -- Naughty Dog will not follow suit.


There's a..."cry for help" when any of the three players get grabbed by an enemy -- just as you can move around behind them and grab hold, so can they. In this case, a blue icon appears and players must rush to their partner's aid before it's too late.


 That sounds like a page taken from Resident Evil 5...good news, in our opinion.