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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for October 2022
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for October 2022

Fighting Vampires in the Wild West

Hey, you! Yes, you over there! You need to stop that! Another month down the drain and we once again didn't have nearly enough time to play even a fraction of all those sweet new releases this month. So either stop publishing new stuff or stop time itself. Doesn't matter as long as the result is us having more chances to play games with our friends. All those survival horror games hitting the Steam Store don't play themselves after all and now we need to switch over to the Christmas events starting up in our favorite titles. So even less time to enjoy that barrage of new games still coming.

Heck, our Database Manager didn't get a breather either this month and added a staggering 226 new entries - including all the games from the Musou-franchises Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi. Okay, those are already a few years old but as you can see below there's also a ton of new stuff to dig through. So don't let us keep you from doing just that any longer. Instead grab a few friends and enjoy!

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