Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for November 2022
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for November 2022

A New Challenger Approaches: Santa Claus

63 releases across all platforms and 107 new additions to our database - that's the TL;DR for November. Yes, we want to finish writing this news post as quickly as possible in order to continue playing Warhammer 40.000: Darktide. How can you blame us? It's really good, and not just compared to the sea of other Warhammer games releasing each second on Steam (only a slight exaggeration). It also holds its own and is well worth a look.

Another surprising highlight this month was the release of Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration. The sparse amount of information we got about this collection before the release as well as publisher ATARI's... well, not so excellent track record in recent years didn't inspire much confidence. But by all accounts, developer Digital Eclipse outdid themselves and produced one of the best collections a retro fan could have hoped for. It also includes at least a couple of co-op titles, so that's another plus in our book.

Oh, and if you didn't notice: Halo Infinite finally has campaign co-op. It is only available online and its release was way too late for any of us to actually still care about - which is a shame since the campaign is actually good. But it is what it is. There is no point in lying about our feelings. Halo has failed us. Destiny is our new master.

So, as always, take a look below at what you may have missed and use the upcoming holidays to get some good hours in with your friends.

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