Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for December 2022
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for December 2022

Happy New Year 2023!

It is done. 2022 is over and we wish you a happy new year. 2023 is special to us because Co-Optimus celebrates its 15th Anniversary. On January 28th 2008, the site finally went public. But that's a topic for a different news item. We're instead here to talk about December 2022, a month our very own arcade aficionado, , enjoyed very much thanks to releases like New Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, River City Girls 2, Jitsu Squad, and Bubble Bobble for Nintendo Switch. Otherwise, it was actually a rather quiet month with "only" around 42 new releases. So at least during the holidays we did have a bit of time to work on that dreaded backlog before the madness continues in the new year.

As always, our Database Master didn't get any rest. He's always working away in the mines , having added 150 new entries - a couple of which were announced during this year's The Game Awards show. For everyone keeping score at home (why would you?), that comes out to 2,008 entries added to our database in 2022 - an average of 167 per month. Impressive if we say so ourselves, but there's no end in sight. We're still missing many older titles, and new titles are being released every month. So let us get back to work while you take a look below at what you might've missed.

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