• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
SWORDS of GARGANTUA Returns to Steam VR and Meta Quest
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SWORDS of GARGANTUA Returns to Steam VR and Meta Quest

Now you can play offline between your online co-op sword battles.

Sometimes games need a bit of retooling, but it's not all that common for a publisher to pull their game from storefronts while they work on fixing it up. That's just what happened with the VR sword fighting game SWORDS of GARGANTUA, though. Last month, publisher Thirdverse announced that it would be reworking SWORDS for a return in March. Fast-forward to now, and the game is indeed back and available for purchase once again.


  • Sharpen your blade and abilities after every fight and take on thrilling battles along your journey. Battle with a generous variety of melee weapons available to help you achieve your virtual reality sword art action: one and two-handed swords, katanas, axes, maces, boomerangs, shields, etc.
  • Enchant your weapons and grant them super powers.
  • Use voice chat to communicate while playing with fellow warriors to take on enemies in the Tesseract Abyss or join up to 8 players in a lounge for pre or post-game hangouts.
  • Sense the immersion enhanced by realistic sound optimized for VR.
  • Enjoy endless content thanks to user-created weapons and battles Mods.

A new offline (single-player mode) and a new weapon are the main features that have been added for the relaunch.

The game's claim to fame is its realistic sword fighting combat. It also happens to be a Roguelite, so the tower's 101 floors are randomized each time you play. Weapons, items, and upgrades carry over between runs, thankfully, so reaching the top of the tower and the gigantic end boss becomes a little more doable every time.

SWORDS of GARGANTUA requires a VR headset to play. The game sells for $24.99 on the Steam and Meta Quest Stores. A PlayStation VR version was announced in 2020 but has yet to be released.