• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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VR Roguelite 'Swords of Gargantua' Relaunching on Steam and Meta Quest in March
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VR Roguelite 'Swords of Gargantua' Relaunching on Steam and Meta Quest in March

VR gamers will get to cross swords in offline solo mode or hop online for co-op!

Sometimes a game gets updated so much that it's almost like a fresh new game. No, we're not talking about Warframe! This time, SWORDS of GARGANTUA, the virtual reality "sword combat simulator" from Gumi and Thirdverse will get the relaunch treatment. The game will relaunch with a new offline mode (always a welcome/obvious feature) and other enhancements in March.

SWORDS of GARGANTUA will feature:

  • Realistic VR Swordsmanship: Swing, stab, crush and parry. Wield over 170 discoverable weapons and fight your way through 101 floors of enemies hell bent on stopping you from reaching the colossal end-boss, Gargantua.
  • Rogue-lite Action: Each play through gives different floor advancement choices along the way; play it safe, but it’ll take more battles to reach the end, or skip to a deeper level and be cursed with major disadvantages and debuffs while fighting tougher enemies.
  • Character Progression: Keep all the weapons, items, coins and stat upgrades collected through each play permanently. Take excess weapons and combine them to make stronger versions to aid in progressively difficult battles.
  • Co-op Multiplayer: Play with up to three other adventurers. Call the shots with native voice chat and defeat the mighty Gargantua.
  • Award-Winning Game: SWORDS of GARGANTUA has received several industry accolades including ‘Steam Best of VR 2020 Bronze’, ‘Oculus Quest Store Hall of Fame 2020’, and ‘Oculus Quest Store Hall of Fame 2021.’


The relaunched version will add a powerful new sword to the game's arsenal of one and two-handed swords, axes, maces, boomerangs, shields, and more.

In the lead up to the relaunch, Masaru Ohnogi will host an AMA from the Thirdverse Discord server. Join to ask questions about the new version of the game.

SWORDS of GARGANTUA is currently unavailable to buy or play, but it will relaunch on March 2 on the Steam and Meta Quest stores. All existing owners will gain access to the new version when it launches. SWORDS of GARGANTUA is compatible with Quest 1, Quest 2, Rift, and PC VR devices. A PlayStation VR version was announced in 2020 but has yet to be released.