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The Merc With The Mouth Is Back Ultimate Alliance 2
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The Merc With The Mouth Is Back Ultimate Alliance 2

A rising star in the Marvel community, Deadpool has been making impressions everywhere. We can't seem to get enough of his witty humor, internal dialog, and general insanity all across the media board. I'm sorry, "Reality challenged" is more politically correct, wouldn't you say? Now, he jumps off the big screen* to reappear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2! Well, unofficially anyway.

"Activision has not officially announced Deadpool, however, he is featured in an ad included in the newly released X-Men Origins: Wolverine game. Deadpool is pictured alongside Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk and other characters already confirmed to be playable when MUA2 is released this fall."

Where would Ultimate Alliance 2 be without hearing "Now I'm the best at whatever it is Wolverine does!" - quotes from our favorite reality challenged superhero? We'll have to see how well this mercenary plays with others with the Fusion powers, and what awesome combinations we get out of his wit and guns?

*To those disappointed in the big screen Deadpool, you didn't stay after the credits, did you?