Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 E3 Trailer Shows All
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 E3 Trailer Shows All

You would think E3 was this week with all of the trailers we've seen flying around the web already, and it's time for another highly anticipated Co-op trailer! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is now sharing with us this rather amazing video. Gametrailers shows us how a lot of the fusion powers will look with different characters, as well as a few new heroes that may, or may not be playable.

There are still a few empty character spots on the Ultimate Alliance roster, so hopefully this wasn't the only unveiling set for E3 on this title. Though, Green Goblin, Venom, She-hulk, Cable and others can be spotted in the video, though only a few of them seem to be participating in playable scenarios so far. Go ahead, figure out which heroes belong in the last 7 playable slots. We'll be looking forward to official announcements as they come around!