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DamonLight Adjustable Head Strap for Meta Quest 3 - Review
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DamonLight Adjustable Head Strap for Meta Quest 3 - Review

This strap adds comfort and convenience to the Meta Quest 3, and it won't break the bank.

The Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset is a very nice headset in many ways, but the stock strap that's used to hold the headset onto your head is uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. Meta wants users to buy their fancy Elite Strap accessory, but it sells for a steep $70. Thankfully, third-party manufacturers are already offering affordable alternatives. The DamonLight Adjustable Head Strap for Meta Quest 3 is just such an accessory, and it costs about half as much as the official Meta strap.

DamonLight Adjustable Strap for Meta Quest 3

To install the DamonLight strap, users must first remove the original strap and facial interface (the black face guard). The DamonLight strap comes in two pieces (shown above). You have to snap the back cushion piece into the the white plastic frame, and then it becomes one piece. The original facial interface piece can then be put back on the headset. Finally, thread the actual strap of the DamonLight through the corresponding notch on the headset. I was afraid that threading it would be tough, but it went right in. The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes.

The DamonLight strap has a white outer frame that extends all the way around the user's head. This frame has a joint that allows the user to tilt the back of the headset up when putting on or taking off the headset. This is much easier than putting on the headset with the stock strap! You can also slide the lock piece in place to keep the joint from bending, but I find this unnecessary.

DamonLight's strap has two size adjustments, and they're also easy to use. To extend or shrink the plastic frame to the size of the user's head, rotate the circular knob on the back of the frame. As for the actual black strap on top, it can be adjusted with Velcro.

DamonLight Adjustable Strap for Meta Quest 3

There's no question that the DamonLight strap is easier to put on, adjust, and take off than the stock Meta Quest 3 strap. It's also more comfortable to wear thanks to the cushion on the inside rear of the frame. This is a great strap, but there's one catch: it's kind of large. With the DamonLight strap fully retracted, the headset with strap measures approximately 11 inches long. That will be too large to fit in some headset cases. If you get this strap and want to protect your expensive Meta Quest 3, you'll probably need to invest in a larger, backpack-style case for the headset.

Issues with finding a case aside, I love the convenience and comfort of the DamonLight Adjustable Strap. Meta Quest 3 owners who are looking for an affordable strap should definitely give this one a look. Grab it, install it, and then enjoy co-op VR games like Ghostbusters: Rise of the Slime Lord and Demeo in comfort! 

DamonLight Adjustable Strap for Meta Quest 3

The DamonLight Adjustable Head Strap sells for approximately $33.99 on Amazon.

A review unit was provided for this story by the manufacturer.