Vampire Dynasty

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Toplitz Announces Vampire Dynasty for 2024 Steam Release, Will Feature Co-op
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Toplitz Announces Vampire Dynasty for 2024 Steam Release, Will Feature Co-op

Finally, a cooperative game that lets everybody BE the vampires.

Toplitz Productions' Medieval Dynasty just got a co-op update on Steam, and now the publisher has another co-op title in store for the future: Vampire Dynasty. This one comes from Polish developer Mehuman Games and will seemingly have less of a focus on survival mechanics. Up to four online co-op players will team up to explore an open world, fight vampire hunters, and work to ensure the supremacy of their vampire clan.


  • Explore the open world: The mountain ranges, forests, dungeons, swamps, and other areas of the huge game world are filled not only with dangerous enemies and villages to conquer, but offer plenty of secrets and huge rewards for all who are daring enough to tempt fate and explore. 
  • Build Your Dream Castle: You can build and customize beautiful medieval or gothic inspired castles multiple stories high, rivaling the homes of Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler’s Poenari Castle.
  • Grow Your Following: You decide who lives, who dies and who will be your eternal follower. Leverage their strengths to ensure only the most skilled join your ranks and ensure the expanse of your vampire lineage.

Vampire Dynasty

  • Use Your Powers: Superhuman strength, heightened perception, enhanced speed and more. Enjoy the perks of being inhuman - see, hear, and taste the world unreachable to the mortals. You can even control a bat and traverse the vast landscape flying.
  • Choice Matters: Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and vassals or become a benevolent ruler. Eternity is yours to shape. Depending on your choices, you can experience a wide variety of possible main story endings, before you continue exploring the open world.
  • Co-op Multiplayer: Invite your friends to become creatures of the night! Unleash your creativity building your base together, explore dark and broody Sangavia, and prove your prowess as invincible fighters.

Medieval Dynasty already had a cool premise, but many gamers will find this one even more appealing. The dark horror theme looks like it will contribute to a unique experience, and the presence of co-op will make things even better. We're looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up in the future.

Vampire Dynasty will arrive on Steam in late 2024. Console versions have not been announced, but Medieval Dynasty hit consoles eventually, so this one might do the same someday.