Taito Milestones 3

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Taito Milestones 3 for Nintendo Switch Will Include Rastan Saga 1-3
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Taito Milestones 3 for Nintendo Switch Will Include Rastan Saga 1-3

The addition of Rastan II and III pushes the collection's co-op game count up to 7 so far.

Taito Milestones 3 from ININ Games is due out on Switch later this year. When the collection was announced, ININ revealed 7 of the games planned for inclusion. One of those was Rastan Saga, the classic barbarian-themed action platformer. This week, ININ let slip that Rastan Saga II and Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III will also be included. Both of those games are co-op, so Taito Milestones 3 will have at least 7 cooperative games in total!

Taito Milestones 3 updates games list:


  • Bubble Bobble (1986)
  • Cadash (1989)
  • Champion Wrestler (1989)
  • Growl (Runark) (1990)
  • Rastan Saga II (1988)
  • Thunder Fox (1990)
  • Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III (1991)

Non Co-op

  • Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (1987)
  • Rastan Saga (1987)

More Classics to Come

Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III

With this latest announcement, Taito Milestones 3 will contain the entire Rastan series in one package. ININ didn't bundle games with their sequels in the previous two Taito Milestones installments, so this is an improvement. Rastan Saga II (AKA Nastar Warrior) is the black sheep of the series, we should note, with an unattractive art style and clunky gameplay. Warrior Blade (pictured above), on the other hand, is a beat 'em up instead of a platformer. It supports 3-player co-op, and it's terrific! Read our Co-op Classics column for more details.

Taito Milestones 3 is expected to have 10 games in total, so at least one of the title has yet to be announced. Taito Milestones 3 will arrive on Switch later in 2024. It will likely cost $39.99.While you wait, check out our co-op reviews of Taito Milestones and Taito Milestones 2!