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Co-Optimus Store Launches, Giveaways, and New Search Features
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Co-Optimus Store Launches, Giveaways, and New Search Features

When I'm not busy playing games with you fine folks, I'm usually busy working on adding site features and improvements.  Today I bring you not one, but two site additions. 

First up is our dedicated co-op games store.  This store is our set of referral links into every co-op game listed on this site.  Whether it's buying a game new through Amazon, or buying a preowned copy from Gamefly - every purchase made through the store's links help keep this site afloat! 

As a kick off promotion we will be giving away ANY game listed in the store ($59.99 or less) to one site member.  We'll also be giving away a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate to one member.  How do you enter?  Simple - just check out the store and look for the "promo code" at the bottom of items.  Reply to this post/thread with that code and you are entered!

Finally I've completely revamped our search engine.  You can now search articles, features and games.  We've even integrated a Google site search and overhauled our advanced search queries.

Thanks for visiting Co-Optimus!