Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Eduardo Tosses Toast Next Week on WiiWare
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Eduardo Tosses Toast Next Week on WiiWare

With a name like Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, there's not much Semnat Studios needs to do to sell me on the game.  But then they just go off and release a kick ass trailer showing off the game's four player drop-in and drop-out local co-op mode with plenty of toast tossing action.  

The game will feature thirteen unique levels, each with their own hand drawn style and you'll be arming Eduardo and friends with five different pastry style ammunitions.  And if that doesn't get you to want to play this WiiWare title, perhaps the ability to ride scooters equipped with laser-blasters might tickle your toast?  Plus we have toasters with rocket packs.  Rocket Packs!

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster launches next Monday, June 15th on Nintendo's WiiWare service for 800 Points.  Until then enjoy the trailer!