50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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This Week in Co-Op: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
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This Week in Co-Op: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Sometimes I'm amazed at my OG style.  Growing up in the suburbs of a small Pennsylvania city was tough living.  Soccer mom's, math homework, and games on the dodge ball court filled my days in the b-hood - that's short for neighborhood for all you city folk.  But at the end of the day I could always retreat inside, fire up by Sony boombox, and throw in tape of Dr Dre's "The Chronic" or Snoop Dogg's "Doggy Style."  I'm an OG at my core, but I don't need to be one to head back into the Middle East with 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

After completing 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand for the site's review, and I mean immediately after completing it, both Mike and myself said - lets play again.  While we started to head through again on the harder difficulty level, we never did get very far.  Then suddenly an avalanche of games were on top of us and 50 fell by the wayside.  Finally months later, it was time to head back to the Middle East in search of the elusive skull with Fitty and Friends.  

One thing I've always loved with games that let you unlock items and then replay them, is the ability to bring your unlocks into the harder difficulty levels.  Mowing down enemies in early missions of Blood on the Sand was a blast using my M249 SAW.  The incentive to pick up the bling and cash was still there, despite the earlier play through, as we still haven't unlocked all weapons and armor.  Yes, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is still as addicting as it was 4 months prior.  

Perhaps the thing I still love the most about the game is that, much like my opening paragraph, it doesn't take itself seriously.  The game knows how ridiculous the premise is - and it doesn't give up on it.  It layers on the cheesy dialog, the over the top explosions, and the arcade style scoring overlays.  Speaking of scoring, one of the first things Mike did upon firing this up was checking our rankings.  And we're proud to report we're in the top 9k users.  With ever level we re-completed our score went up as well, working our way up to total world domination.  

Yes, as it turns out Mike is an OG as well.  Hailing from the hoods of Oregon, we combined our gangsta styles and conquered our way through the Middle East.  It was a power session and three hours later we were almost halfway through the game.  Despite having to quit, we vowed to finish another play through of the game and complete the game on hard.  The ironic thing?  We were already talking about replaying certain levels again to earn missed targets and posters.  


That my friends, is dedication.  That my friends, is the OG way.


Better watch out if you knock on my door.  My pooch has teeth!



So step to me
If you think that you're ready to
Got on your bullet proof?
Well mine's goin' right thru
This ain't no game to me
It's hollow fame to me
Without respect from streets
So I don't claim be
The hardest motherfucker on earth