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Bennu: Once A Bird Flinging Co-op Our Way
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Bennu: Once A Bird Flinging Co-op Our Way

While generally being bizarre in presentation, Indie games tend to speak to the heart of gamers. Classic platforming that pays homage to our gaming roots, games like Bennu (Once a Bird) give us very unique co-op experiences. Bennu is a puzzle platforming game with an intriguing "leap-frog" style co-op. That is to say, when a rope can connect with an environment, it can also connect to your swinging co-op partner for a little added boost in whatever direction you're headed. Bennu, from what we've derived from the trailer, is a bird-like-creature that has to maneuver its way through obstacles and bosses, using a unique physics engine to launch itself from place to place.

Of course, having the bizarre aspects such as a bird-like-creatures, and bouncing ropes to propel through a level is difficult to properly explain. So, for your viewing and understanding pleasure, check out the trailer yourself!


Thanks to Tino for the tip!