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Co-op Medical Degrees [Not] Necessary For Trauma Team
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Co-op Medical Degrees [Not] Necessary For Trauma Team

Sterilize and prep your Wii for some motion-sensitive co-op surgeries! Trauma Team, the latest installment from the Atlus hit "Trauma Center" which puts you in the surgeons scrubs, will give us a different kind of co-op to feast on. Yu Namba, Project Lead for Atlus sat down with to get a few details about how this medical co-op will work.

"Six Doctors, Six Specialties" is what you'll read on the Trauma Team box. 6 specialties suggests that each surgeon will have a unique set of skills to use on patients to figure out unique diagnoses. Yu Namba gives us details on this part of the game.

"The Trauma Center series, until now, has focused on the surgical portion of the world of medicine. With Trauma Team we’re expanding that focus to the entire hospital experience by having six doctors with their own specialty. We do have a surgeon still. There is an orthopedic surgeon, a technician that specializes in endoscopy, we have a diagnostician, a paramedics person, we also have a forensics person, a coroner."

In other words, the different specialties will look a little something like this:

"We’re trying to make each part of the game as different from the other parts as possible. For example, the surgeon and the paramedic sound about the same. The surgeon concentrates on the traditional Trauma Center style surgery while the paramedic’s job is to work on multiple patients at the same time and keep them alive. And you have to pick between the patients like who you want to operate on first and which one do you need to switch over immediately to."

Yu Namba didn't have a whole lot of details on the co-op so far, but this is what we've got so far. There can be a lot of speculation as to how the co-op will work with so many hospital specialties to choose from. The importance of communication was stressed, so there must be some pretty intense co-op going on, at any rate!

"What I know is the single player mode and two player play will be balanced enough so nobody will be struggling with one particular thing. Of course, there will be different difficulty modes so, if you think the regular mode is a little bit on the difficult end you can always go down to the intern level."

If you're new to the Trauma Center world, you'll be able to jump right into this one. The worlds are relatively independent, so knowing back-story for the characters isn't entirely necessary, if it applies at all. So, if you're one of the many people that wanted to be a doctor when you were younger, now is your time to shine! Check out the trailer for a quick peek of Trauma Team.