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Serious Sam 3 Will "Leave the Cartoony Look Behind"
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Serious Sam 3 Will "Leave the Cartoony Look Behind"

The original Serious Sam is a really good co-op title, and we are quite fond of it.  When the HD remake of the game was announced, there was much hooping and hollering here at Co-Optimus HQ.  Serious Sam 3 is currently in development, and considering the winning combination of humor, over the top carnage, and a unique art style in previous games, we've been keeping a close eye on it.

It appears that at least one aspect of the series will be tweaked for the third game: the cartoony look is getting the axe.  Croteam's Roman Ribaric explains.

"I believe Serious Sam fans would want to hear the following two things. First, Serious Sam 3 will play like the original Serious Sam. And second, we'll leave the cartoony look behind." 

I'm glad that SS3 will play like the first, that much is certain.  But why drop the cartoony art style?  The enemy designs in particular were very impressive and still memorable these many years later.  Do we really want headless kamikaze bombers in a realistic art style?  Serious Sam without these elements is like Transformers that don't transform, or NFL teams that don't play football.  *rimshot*