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Prices so low you'll scream.

Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale

Valve is holding a Steam sale to celebrate Halloween with many of the titles on sale featuring horror elements. Valve will use any holiday as an excuse for a sale. There's an INCREDIBLE number of titles discounted at least 25% off, with many offering 50% to 75% off their normal price. We've compiled a list of all of the co-op titles you can acquire. Weep for your wallets ladies and gentlemen, weep for them.

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Co-Op mode, new campaign, and more added.

Serious Sam Double D XXL Gets Even Bigger on PC

Serious Sam Double D XXL is a fun, over the top, side scrolling shooter from Mommy's Best Games set in the Serious Sam Universe. It was released on PC and then received an Xbox Live Arcade port. There was one key difference between the two - the XBLA version featured local co-op play, which the PC version lacked. A new free update changes things adding a new content to the PC version.

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Is this game ever not on sale?

Seriously, Sam is back on XBLA Sale Again

The weekly XBLA sale is the place I like to go to pick up a co-op bargain once in a while.  However, it sometimes feels like the same games appear over and over again, seriously what is the problem?  There is no problem, as long as it’s the Serious Sam games getting reduced.  The man's back catalogue is all reduced by 50% until May 13th.  Check out read more for the Serious Sam offers and the rest of the XBLA content incoming.

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