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Can Co-Op Convert Skeptic Gamers?
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Can Co-Op Convert Skeptic Gamers?

A very interesting article is available over at MTV, of all places.  The article discusses the role co-op can play in getting experienced gamers to enjoy genres they typically dislike.  The article provides some anecdotal evidence that co-op can do just that.

I asked my roommate to play a co-op game of “Gears of War” the other day. He seemed apprehensive at first because he wasn’t a fan of first- or third-person shooters. But he loved playing the cooperative campaign. The game has plenty of moments that encourage teamwork. Instances such as leading your teammate down a Kryll-infested alleyway with a beacon or splitting up in the underground mine kept him at the edge of his seat.

Later on in the same article:

Basically, my friend went from steering clear of shooters to patiently anticipating marquee titles like “Gears of War 2.”

Speaking from my own personal point of view, I definitely agree that co-op make a person enjoy a game from a genre they typically avoid.  This may seem like heresy, but I dislike 1st person shooters on consoles.  I am not a good twitch gamer anymore, and just can't get used to using a controller for a FPS.  However, last night my son and I plowed through a level on Halo 3, which we haven't played for months.  It took a while, but it sure was fun working together and trying new strategies to win.  I look forward to playing co-op with him again, though I'd never do it solo.  How about you, dear reader?  Are there any games or genres you avoid, unless co-op is a factor?  Do you think more casual gamers could become hardcore once introduced to co-op play?