DJ Hero Renegade Edition Announced and Priced
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DJ Hero Renegade Edition Announced and Priced

Not content to spin your virtual records on an ordinary plastic fake turntable?  Well then perhaps you need to spring for the more bling-filled Renegade Edition of DJ Hero.  

DJ Hero Renegade Edition includes:

  • DJ Hero game
  • Renegade turntable controller featuring premium metal controls and finish
  • Hardshell turntable carrying case that converts to performance-ready DJ stand
  • Exclusive JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks and collectible case designed by artist Shepard Fairey

 And how much will this fine piece of plastic cost you?  A mere $199.  Or as much as an entire Rock Band 2 instrument set... for four people.  Is a stand, two cds and some metal buttons worth $80?  These special editions are getting ridiculous, you can pick up an Xbox 360 for that price!