DJ Hero Looks More Like Strip Club Hero
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DJ Hero Looks More Like Strip Club Hero unleashed their E3 coverage on the world last night with tons of exclusives.  Among them was the first trailer for DJ Hero, the first game from Activision to branch out from the Guitar Hero brand.  In it players use a turntable style peripheral to mix and and remix over 80 songs together.  

The entire game can be played in co-op with another DJ.  There's also a two player co-op mode where one player can use the Guitar Hero controller.  The trailer on the other hand looks like it has little do with being a DJ in a club, and a lot to do with being a DJ in a strip club.  I believe I counted six pole dancers in this video, two girls with angel wings, and one thong.  

Hmm...I just had an idea for a game.  Pole Dance Hero.  Now where's Bobby Kotick's phone number....



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